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Your brand is unique.  You have your own identity.  So why choose the same uniform labels everyone else has?  The LSJ Collection is a boutique label, something not every uniform shop carries. We have the core uniform garments covered, but also design unique pieces that will set your uniform apart.  

We have a unique history too.  The LSJ Collection was built from scratch by John and Lee O’Reilly 40 years ago, beginning as fashion label made right here in Melbourne.  John took charge driving the business side while Lee worked hard designing award winning ranges. In the late 90’s LSJ turned their eye to fill the gap in the market for high quality corporate and healthcare uniform designs. The expertise gained from our history of in-house garment design and pattern creation means that our garments are tailored with careful thought to ensure enough movement for the industry it is designed for.  Our 40 years in garment manufacture has also given us a deep awareness of the different properties of fabric blends such as durability, comfort, breathability, ease of care and appropriateness for the work environment. The LSJ Collection’s tailoring tradition is proudly carried on with the second generation of the family now at the helm.   

Made In Paradise

Where does your uniform comes from?  With a new imperative towards social responsibility in the business world, it is an important question to ask. 

We pride ourselves on our strong ethics and social responsibility and take the upmost care in where The LSJ Collection is manufactured in. We like to say our products are “made in paradise” not only due to our beautiful location in Fiji but due to our good working conditions.  Our factory maintains excellent standards in treatment of staff and in producing garments in an environmentally sound manner. This commitment has ensured us in earning Platinum WRAP certification which is an internationally recognised program to ensuring humane and ethical manufacturing.  Furthermore the directors of the business regularly visit our factory to personally maintain contact with our supply chain.

In addition to our Fijian factory, we are extremely proud to say our knitwear is still made locally here in Melbourne.  

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